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Jinrui Energy is a professional researcher in high and new technology switching power supplies’ field. After years of rapid growth, the company has set up three enterprise branches. There are power adapter enterprise branch, switching power supply enterprise branch and LED driver enterprise branch. The company has many years history in the field of power supply research, the research scale and core technology has reached a world leading level.

The company has been rated top ten famous brand goods title and recommended by the AQSIQ official website of China quality nets brand as an outstanding enterprise. Combined with the global market changes and economic development law, fulfill customer needs continually. To achieve maximum customers’ value with first-class quality and dedicated services, sustainable management of change and technological upgrading, in order to enhance core competitiveness of the enterprise constantly.

Jinrui energy people has been hard work and dedication, constant hard work to continuously enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, and have built up a good reputation of outstanding brand image in the power supply area. Therefore, the company received the highest honor recognized brands in China, "China brand". For the enterprise, it is true brand value and significance to have the customers’ acceptance, which means not only the uniqueness of trademark of Kinri, the company trademark will be protected by the national law more comprehensive, but also has become the intangible assets of Kinri brand building. For the ever-expanding global marketplace of Kinri, it indicates a new round of leap. Jinrui will keep a sustained build an international brand strategy, and constantly processes new product development and technological innovation, focus on building science and technology enterprises with independent intellectual property rights in order to diversify technology research and development efforts, and to actively apply for patents, to form a critical core technology-based protection chain, combined with the global market changes and economic development rule, in order to keep to the practice of customer needs in order to achieve first-class product quality and dedicated service, continue to improve management system, makes operation of process management system in high efficiency to create effective competition in the market strength, and constantly to achieve maximum customer value.

Team Introduction:

We reform from our product lines, achieve market-driving by our leading organization, such as  company management team, strategy with customers committee. We strengthen the marketing system to the customers’ requirements understanding, strategic direction and the decision-making support capabilities of busness. At the same time, we highly efficiencily adopt the IRB, marketing and management team , product system management team, operations and delivery management team, and supporting team to ensure that the customer’s needs drive the overall strategy and implementation.