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12V DC ITE Power Supply Adapter 48W European Plug In Type

12VDC 4A ITE power supply adapter European type is CE and GS approved based on EN60950. 48W series wall mounted power supply adapters are including US, UK and AU version except the EU, with approvals accordingly. Jinrui Energy provides efficiency level VI power supply adapters from 5W to 150W.

Product details

12V DC ITE Power Supply Adapter 48W European Plug in Type


Products Features of 12V DC power supply:

1. High efficiency <88.8% and standby power >0.1W;

2. CE, GS, CB Approved based on IEC60950/ EN60950;

3. 4 times QC inspection before shipment;

4. 100% burn in test for no less than 4 Hours at full load;

5. MBTF:50000H full load at 25.


Specifications of 12V 4A power supply:

Input: 90-264VAC 50/60Hz 1.2A

Output: 12VDC 4.0A by cord

Protections of the ac power adapter: OCP, SCP, OVP.

Certificate: CE,EMC, GS, for European markets.

Withstanding: 3000V/ 5mA/ 60S

Surge Test: +/- 1KV

EMS standard: EN55022, EN61000-3-2 / 3, EN61000-4-2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 8 / 11.


Product dimensions & drawing:

12v dc power supply



Output cord of 12V 4A power adapter:

12v power supply

FAQ for switching power supplies:


Q: What is the difference between "continuous" and "peak" ratings?


A: Some power supply units are rated for continuous output while others are rated at peak. "Continuous" means that the power supply is rated to run at its maximum capability for no pre-determined period of time, while "Peak" indicates that the power supply will only run at the specified wattage for a brief period of time, possibly only a few seconds or up to a minute. This number is typically about 100W more than the power supply's actual continuous rating.


Q: How does the temperature inside of my case affect the performance of my power supply?


A: Power supplies can perform differently depending on the temperature at which they are operating at. When a power supply is rated for its total output wattage, it is rated to do so at a particular temperature. Anything beyond this temperature may take away from the power supply's capability. A power supply that is rated to put out 550W at 25 °C may only be able to put out 450W at 40 °C. This difference is called the "de-rating curve" because the component's capability to perform curves downward as temperature rise.


Jinrui Energy Technology is one of the professional 12v dc ite power supply adapter 48w european plug in type manufacturers and suppliers. We have been dedicated to technology switching power supplies' field for many years. With customized service offered in our factory, we warmly welcome you to buy or wholesale competitive price bulk equipment with us.
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